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Top Seattle Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Defense Attorney David S. Marshall Not much is as frightening as being accused of sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse . . . any abuse of a vulnerable person. The revulsion people feel about crimes like these can override the presumption of innocence and even simple fairness. To a person accused, it can feel that life has stopped . . . and may never restart.

But the accused can get justice. For eighteen years top Seattle child abuse and special assault defense attorney David S. Marshall and his team have been getting it for them in civil, CPS, and criminal cases—as many of them report here. This record is the reason other lawyers refer their clients to David and his team. They defend against child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and elder assault allegations in courts and administrative hearings throughout Washington State—in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Spokane, Everett, Vancouver, and other cities and towns; in King, Snohomish, Pierce, Kitsap, and other counties; and in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and other regions of the United States. Special assault defense is the work to which they have dedicated themselves.

Their dedication to child abuse and special assault defense means more than fighting for their clients in court. It also means keeping up to date on developments around the world in law, psychology, and medicine that concern allegations of child abuse and other special assaults. At this site you'll find some of those developments, as well as a lot about how the best child abuse and special assault defense lawyers work.

From Our Case Files

False Memories Abound in Child Sex Abuse Trial

"Now everyone has a false memory." Thus did the prosecutor caricature my closing argument in his rebuttal argument.

Seed and Soil: Why Billy Accused Max

Usually when a child incorrectly alleges that he has been molested, someone close to him—or the child himself—has something to gain from the accusation.

A "Shaken Baby" Case Study: Judge Reverses CPS Decision That Woman Assaulted Infant

A Washington state woman's care of her foster infant has been vindicated by an administrative law judge.


News & Events

Mon September 15 2014

Police Tactics Induce Juveniles to Waive Miranda Rights

Police have interests adverse to suspects; they would much rather see a suspect waive his rights than invoke them.

State v. Hernandez-Fabian (2014)

DNA Testing's Limits in Correcting Wrongful Convictions

Law professor Daniel Medwed calls for reforms to avoid wrongful convictions in the first place.

State v. Hernandez-Fabian (2014)

Oregon Court Reverses After State Fails to Give Proper Child Hearsay Notice

Oregon statutory law allows admission of child hearsay statements under certain circumstances but requires that prosecutors give 15 days notice to defendants that they intend to use such evidence.

People v. Jefferson (2014)

Colorado Jury's Unrestricted Access to Child Interview Videotape Results in Reversal

The videotape contained the child's out-of-court statements to a forensic interviewer, detailing the alleged sexual contact.

Wed August 27 2014

Daubert Hearing on Shaken Baby Syndrome Looms

A Massachusetts court has been asked to conduct a hearing solely on the legitimacy of shaken baby syndrome as a valid scientific theory.

Mon August 25 2014

Senators Propose Campus Sexual Assault Legislation

This comes after the White House published a report in April detailing its plan to fight sexual assault on college campuses.

State v. Whitaker (2014)

Appellate Court Criticizes "Traumagenic Dynamics" Testimony

In the sexual abuse context, Washington precedent has held that experts cannot use a "generalized profile" of sexual assault victims to prove assault occurred.

Tue August 19 2014

Twenty-Year-Long Review of FBI Lab Hair Analysis Resumes

Nearly every criminal case reviewed as part of an investigation started in 2012 of problems at the lab has included flawed forensic testimony from the agency.

Mon August 18 2014

Video-Recording Interrogations Could Increase Wrongful Convictions

UCLA law professor argues that the vividness of a video confession can actually prejudice a criminal defendant.

Thu August 7 2014

Felony Child Abuse Charges to be Dropped Against Arizona Mother

Shanesha Taylor made national headlines when an Arizona prosecutor charged her with felony child abuse for leaving her small children in the car while attending a job interview.

People v. Thomas (2014)

Father, Once Wrongfully Convicted, Wins Acquittal

In 2009, Adrian Thomas was convicted of second-degree murder after prosecutors alleged he violently threw his toddler son down on a bed.

Cavaliere v. Florida (2014)

Police Officer's Bolstering of Child Witness's Credibility Leads

A Florida court of appeals has overturned a child molestation conviction because two witnesses, a police officer and a teacher, testified to the child's credibility during trial.

Del Prete v. Thompson (2014)

Del Prete Murder Conviction Overturned as Judge Questions Shaken Baby Syndrome Doctrine

The court overturned Del Prete's conviction after receiving new medical testimony that doubted the SBS diagnosis.

State v. Kinzle (2014)

Conviction Overturned for Prosecutor's Failure to Elicit Allegations

The Washington Court of Appeals has overturned a child molestation conviction because the child complainant did not include the criminal allegations in her testimony.

State v. Robert Barry (2014)

Demeanor at Counsel Table May Not be Considered Evidence

During deliberations, the jury asked the court if it could consider the accused's actions or demeanor in the courtroom during the trial as "evidence."

Thu July 3 2014

White House Report on Sexual Assault on Campus Neglects Rights of the Accused

Critics charge the report fails to acknowledge university adjudication systems infringe rights of the accused.

Tue July 1 2014

Lessons of the McMartin Case

In the mid-1980s, the McMartin Preschool child sex abuse trial shocked the nation with its accusations of rampant abuse at a California preschool.

State v. Gower (2014)

Admitting Evidence of Prior Sex Offenses Results in Reversal

The Washington Supreme Court has reversed a man's conviction for sex crimes against his 17-year-old stepdaughter.